Friends of the Sea Otter Announces Winter Poetry Contest

Friends of the Sea Otter Announces Winter Poetry Contest

Friends of the Sea Otter welcomes anyone and everyone of all ages to join in on our Sea Otter Poetry Contest!

The winner of the contest will be featured in our Annual Winter Newsletter, The Raft, which is enjoyed by over 2,000 of our members across the world. Runner-ups’ poems will be featured on our Facebook page for all of our followers to enjoy and share!

The rules are simple. Here they are:

Subject: Anything and everything positive about sea otters!

Length of Poem: Anywhere from 5 to 175 words. Get creative! Haikus, ballads, sonnets, limmericks, etc. are all welcome!

Submitting and Judging: Please send all poems to, where they will be judged by Friends of the Sea Otter staff and the winner picked upon by unanimous decision. 

Deadline: All poems should be submitted no later than 5:00 PM PST on November 22, 2012.

Prize: The winner of the Poetry Contest will be announced on November 26, 2012. Their poem will be featured in Friends of the Sea Otter’s Annual Winter Newsletter and will be apart of our organization’s rich 40-year history. Runner-ups will be featured on our Facebook page in the following weeks after poems are submitted!

Best of luck! Let’s see how creative we can be in describing the beloved sea otter!

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6 Comments on "Friends of the Sea Otter Announces Winter Poetry Contest"

  • Anonymous says

    can we enter more than once?

  • Cindy Ryan says

    Submission for the otter poetry contest:

    Cindy Ryan

    Otter Free

    In the glide
    of the moment
    Silk swim in the sea,

    Swirling like
    foam reaching
    is the Otter…free.

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