Help Support Our “Big Idea” with the Monterey County Gives Campaign!

Help Support Our “Big Idea” with the Monterey County Gives Campaign!

Holiday Campaign Strengthens Sea Otter Protection and your Contribution!


Friends of the Sea Otter, the world’s longest standing organization dedicated to the conservation of sea otters, is participating in the Monterey County Gives campaign this holiday season!

That campaign runs from mid-November through midnight December 31 and is a way to stretch your donation further through a portion of your contribution getting matched by the Community Foundation of Monterey partnering with the Monterey County Weekly for this campaign.

Thanks to the matching fund, your donation can have a bigger impact to Friends of the Sea Otter and to helping protect sea otters and their habitat. Click here to view our donation page.

What is our Big Idea?

Any participant in the Monterey County Gives Campaign has to come up with a “Big Idea” that resonates with the population around the Monterey Bay and has applicability to the mission of each organization participating. Friends of the Sea Otter’s “Big Idea” is to focus on how to better communicate the best way for humans to respect sea otters and their habitat. Interactions between recreational users of Monterey Bay and sea otters are inevitable. The majority of people don’t intend to disturb sea otters, but it does happen more than it should. Friends of the Sea Otter plans to create a folded card, similar to the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Guides, that outlines recreational users proper etiquette and provides guidelines when out on the water and interacting with sea otters. The guide would be distributed to retail outlets such as kayak shops, dive shops, surf shops, hotels, state park and beaches visitor’s centers, etc.

As incidents of interactions between humans and sea otters continue to increase in disturbing sea otters, your donation will help educate ocean users about how to appropriately interact with sea otters in the wild and to minimize and ideally eliminate negative interactions that would impact sea otters in any way.

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