Jud’s Lab

In Memory of Jud Vandevere

Jud Juds Lab Friends of the Sea Otter dedicates this page to Jud Vandevere for his decades of work to preserve sea otters and their habitats. Often referred to as “Mr. Sea Otter”, Jud was instrumental in the formation of Friends of the Sea Otter, and acted as one of the organization’s longest standing board members.  Jud was one of FSO founder Margaret Owings most trusted confidants.  He authored or co-authored 19 sea otter papers and dedicated much of his time to educating the public about the loveable marine mammal. Notably Jud served as scientific advisor to Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and some of his footage was used in Cousteau’s Emmy Award-winning The Unsinkable Sea Otter. As Friends of the Sea Otter continues to advocate for the conservation of the sea otter and its near shore habitat, so too will Jud’s legacy and influence. As a tribute to all the wonderful contributions Jud gave to sea otters and the world, Friends of the Sea Otter is publishing Jud’s pieces from past newsletter articles. Enjoy!

June 1969: Probing the Secrets of Otters through Biological Study

December 1969: Care of the Very Young Pup

June 1970: The Commercial Abalone Fishery

December 1970: Recent Censuses

May 1971: Mothers and Pups

May 1971: Philippe Cousteu and the Otter

December 1971: Hopkins, A Sea Otter

May 1972: The Washington Hearing on Marine Mammal Legislation

December 1972: Pup Behavior

May 1973: Otters Ashore

December 1973: Otters Interacting Ashore

May 1974: Threats

May 1975: Human Pressures on Shellfish

Winter 1976: Book Review: Muscular Anatomy of the Hind Limb of the Sea Otter

Summer 1977: The Otter Specialist Group’s Opinion

Winter 1977: Otter Deaths

Summer 1978: Observations by Judson Vandevere

Summer 1979: Gestation and Dependency Period Update

Winter 1979: Food Gathering Strategy

Summer 1980: Through the Spotting Scope