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Many sea otter friendly kinds responded to our recent Art and Poetry contest.  We thank each and every one of you for your dedication to sea otter conservation and for submitting your work to our contest.
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Sea Otter Riddles

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California Sea Otters Song

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We Get Letters From Kids

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An Otter Story
The Monterey Bay is a refuge for wildlife. In 1992, President George Bush signed a law designating the bay as a sanctuary – a place where all marine plants and animals are protected.

The bay is used for fun by many people including scuba divers, kayakers, fishermen and recreational boaters.

What’s great about the bay being a sanctuary is that people can’t bother the marine animals and plants. Sea otters are safe from harassment in their kelp bed homes along the coast. Their food supply is protected so that when they dive for sea urchins, abalone or crabs they won’t come up empty handed.

There are even laws that say oil tankers can’t come into the bay. They must stay 6 miles offshore to help reduce the risk of oil spills which is the number one threat to sea otters.

This sanctuary is a great environment for both wildlife and people – it’s the perfect balance for all people to be able to see wild animals in a natural setting without causing any harm.

Jenner sea otter illustration 764x1024 Kids Drawing

Illustration by Jenner Easland, 11 years old

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