Why Friends of the Sea Otter Matters

Why Friends of the Sea Otter Matters

We can all be taken in by the sea otter’s charm and believe they should exist for pure delight, however there is so much more at stake.

Friends of the Sea Otter (FSO) actively defends challenges to sea otter rights, not just for Sea Otters and their habitat, but for all inhabitants of our living, breathing planet.  FSO begins by supporting a species whose presence is critical to the ecosystem – without whose existence would mean the undoing of kelp forests and its vital contribution to other ocean living organisms. Maintaining and promoting ocean life, in turn promotes environmental health for all of us and for those who follow.  Sea otters are a critical element in keeping our oceans and coastal environments healthy.

Efren Adalem 2 Sea Otter Goose neck barnacles Why Friends of the Sea Otter Matters

Friends of the Sea Otter protects the potential demise of this amazing mammal from people’s often short sighted actions which can be self motivated and/or unintended. The sea otter’s existence is under constant assault from groups whose intent disregards the long-term impact on sea otter populations and ignores detrimental consequences to the environment; sea otter extinction would spur the dismantling of the ecosystem.

Research identifies many reasons for sea otter mortality but no matter what is creating static sea otter populations, sea otter’s rights will always be challenged by proposed legislation that seeks to lessen the protections promised by the Endangered Species Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act. FSO’s advocacy, education and research mission benefits sea otters, their habitat and the protection and preservation of our magnificent oceans and coastal environments.

Help us by contributing in any way possible to FSO’s mission: raise awareness of environmental factors, communicate our mission, and stand with us to protect and preserve our natural resources and please donate today so we can continue our mission.

“The effort shall and must go on, though the task will never be ended, we must engage in it with patience that refuses to be turned aside, with determination to overcome obstacles, and with pride that it is our privilege to contribute.”

Rachel Carson – biologist, environmentalist, conservationist, author and friend speaking on environmental protection

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