Sea Otter Spotting in SoCal

Sea Otter Spotting in SoCal

When thinking of summer in Southern California, thoughts often drift to beaches, sunsets, BBQs, board-shorts and bikinis. But Sea Otters?

…Not really

A rare sighting occurred a few years ago in San Diego, but this is not common by any means. Some might say you have a better chance of seeing a snowflake drop in downtown LA than spotting one of these charismatic marine mammals floating in the warm Pacific waters these days.

But that is just what happened at Peter’s Landing Marina in Huntington Harbor in Orange County, CA this week. Residents and ocean enthusiasts alike reported seeing a sea otter swimming through the harbor (photo by Scott Seaton).

Is there something going on with the ocean? Is the end of the “No Otter Zone” allowing more sea otters to travel into Southern California waters?

Well, its still too early to tell and as this is such a rare occurrence, we will be keeping a close watch to see if there are more consistent spottings! Stay tuned…



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