Celebrate With EchoAge

Celebrate Your Event with EchoAge

Have you heard about ECHOage? Check them out! It is a great way to celebrate important events in your life and give back to Friends of the Sea Otter at the same time.

Get more information on child’s birthday parties. It’s as easy as creating invitations for your child’s party and selecting Friends of the Sea Otter as your charity of choice. Instead of presents, your child receives a monetary contribution from guests, with half of that going to the child and the charity receives the other half, minus a small 5% administrative fee that is subtracted.

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Visit here for other types of events. For other types of events, you can set the % you want Friends of the Sea Otter to receive.

Friends of the Sea Otter is now a registered charity with ECHOage.

Please help Friends of the Sea Otter in our mission to protect and recover sea otters and their habitat.