Think About Sea Otters When Filing Your Taxes

Think About Sea Otters When Filing Your Taxes

It’s that time of the year…Tax Season. While sea otters don’t pay taxes, we can help them when we pay ours.  Since 2007, sea otters in California have benefitted from $1.75 million in taxpayer contributions that go towards efforts to protect and recover sea otters in California. This funding is critical because currently there is no other funding source for sea otter research and conservation efforts in California.

Each year the California Franchise Tax Board sets a minimum amount needed for each check off to meet in order for the Fund to appear on tax forms in the following year. This year the California Sea Otter Fund needs to reach $277,666 and it will be a challenge to get the word out as a collective paid advertising budget has been eliminated this year that would have normally provided for radio and website ads throughout the state.  This year we are dependent on creative ways to promote the check off fund and get the word out.  Word of mouth will be critical as well.

So, please help sea otters in California during this tax season. They are dependent on any contribution you can make.  Just seek out line 410 on your California Tax income form and give as little as $1.  You can find out more information on the California Sea Otter Fund and how the money has been used in the past by clicking here.
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