Wild Bird Event

“We must hold to the irreplaceables, to the species delicately interbalanced, to the endangered and threatened animals, to the sanctity of life here on our shores…”

-Margaret Owings, Founder

wild bird Wild Bird Event


Friends of the Sea Otter invites you to enjoy a night under the stars and above the ocean at “An Evening at Wild Bird”, in Big Sur on Saturday, September 26th. This event is held in the historic Wild Bird home along the Golden Coast, which at one time belonged to Friends of the Sea Otter’s founder, Margaret Owings.

It is at this serene location, where Margaret Owings decided to take a stand for a critically endangered keystone species, and it is only fitting that the organization hold this event here, at a time when sea otters need us most.

margaret Wild Bird Event

The owners of Wild Bird have kindly donated the use of the house to the Friends of the Sea Otter for the evening in memory of Margaret Owings.

The enchanting evening begins with valet service, hors d’oeuvres and cocktails overlooking the vast Pacific Ocean, followed by a catered dinner and dessert,which will then lead into discussions with various noted friends and colleagues of Margaret Owings and the co-founder, Dr. Jim Mattison.  The list of invited guests includes former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta (would like to take part in the event, schedule permitting) and noted sea otter expert, Dr. Tim Tinker. “An Evening at Wild Bird” will host speakers discussing the mission of Friends of the Sea Otter and its advocacy efforts relating to the emerging studies surrounding this keystone species and its ecosystem.

“An Evening at Wild Bird” includes valet service, a catered dinner and cocktails are provided. This event is invitation only.

What: “An Evening at Wild Bird”, an event aimed to help recover one of the most vital and charismatic species in the underwater ecosystem.

Who: By invitation only.

Where: The Wild Bird Home, located in Big Sur, CA. Valet service will be available.

When: September 26th, 2015 at 5pm PST.

“The owners of Wild Bird have kindly donated the use of the house to the Friends of the Sea Otters for the evening in memory of Margaret Owings.”

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wildbird Wild Bird Event